5 Ways to Protect Your Home from Burglary / by Pavel Asanov

Home break-ins have become a serious problem here in the U.S. It's estimated that a home is burglarized once every fifteen seconds., according to the Department of Justice. The good news, however, is that you can protect your home burglary by implementing the following security measures.

#1) Install Video Surveillance

Installing a video surveillance system is an effective way to protect your home and property from burglary. Just the sight of a video camera will often make a burglar think twice before breaking into a home.

When choosing a video surveillance system, it's recommended that you opt for a closed circuit television (CCTV) model. Unlike Internet Protocol (IP) video surveillance systems, CCTVs are "closed" and do not connect to the Internet. Therefore, you can rest assured knowing that no one else watching footage of your home.

#2) Install an Alarm System

We can't talk about ways to protect a home from burglary without mentioning an alarm system. Residential alarm systems typically consist of door and window contacts, a control panel, an audible siren, and at least one motion sensor.  If a burglar attempts to enter through a protected door or window, it will trip the contact; thus, triggering the alarm.

#3) Exterior Lighting

One of the most overlooked elements of home security is lighting. Burglars typically choose homes that are poorly lit, as this offers a source of concealment in which they can conduct their illegal activities. You can increase your home's security, however, by installing motion-sensing lights around the perimeter.

#4) Locks the Doors and Windows

Be sure to lock the doors and windows before leaving your home. Studies have shown that roughly one-third of all home break-ins occur through an unlocked door or window. Granted, this alone isn't going to prevent a burglar from entering your home, but it's one more step in safeguarding your property from intrusion.

#5) Monitor Your Mail

An overstuffed mailbox is a tall-tale of an unoccupied home. When a burglar sees mail spilling out the sides of your mailbox, he or she may assume that your family is away on vacation, using this opportunity to break in and burglarize your home. You can request a hold on your mail either by visiting your local USPS office, or by completing the online form at https://holdmail.usps.com/holdmail/.