The Importance of Burglar #Security for Your Home This Summer by Pavel Asanov

The highest recorded amount of burglaries takes place during the summer months. Without a home security system your home is 300% more likely to get broken into. As a homeowner, it is important to consider installing a home alarm system to aid in burglar security. Not only do home alarm systems deter crime, but they also offer other benefits for controlling various systems in your home. The following benefits of a burglar security system will help you keep your home safe for your family this summer. 

Burglar Security and CCTV

  • A home alarm system can help deter crime in your home. When an alarm is triggered police are immediately notified and help is sent out right away. The more houses in a neighborhood with home security systems also reduces the number of burglaries. During the summer burglaries happen more frequently, especially when people go on vacation. By installing a home alarm system and a CCTV, you will ensure that your home is protected from intruders and that your valuables are safe while you are away. Many alarm systems can also send you notifications if a smoke alarm or carbon monoxide detector is triggered. Give yourself peace of mind when you travel this summer by installing a home alarm system.

Monitoring Other Systems in Your Home

  • Many alarm systems come with the benefit of monitoring other systems within your home. These smart security systems allow you to regulate the thermostat in your home from your mobile device. Many systems can also allow you to turn off appliances remotely including closing your garage door or turning off the coffee maker. You can also turn lights on and off in your home, giving you added security while you are away. Perhaps a neighbor is house sitting for you while you are away on vacation. By utilizing CCTV video surveillance, you will be able to monitor their comings and goings, as well as check in on pets that they are watching while you are gone. 

Keeping your home safe while you are away on vacation is a main priority come summertime. Consider installing a burglar security system or CCTV video surveillance to give you peace of mind this summer. 

5 Ways to Protect Your Home from Burglary by Pavel Asanov

Home break-ins have become a serious problem here in the U.S. It's estimated that a home is burglarized once every fifteen seconds., according to the Department of Justice. The good news, however, is that you can protect your home burglary by implementing the following security measures.

#1) Install Video Surveillance

Installing a video surveillance system is an effective way to protect your home and property from burglary. Just the sight of a video camera will often make a burglar think twice before breaking into a home.

When choosing a video surveillance system, it's recommended that you opt for a closed circuit television (CCTV) model. Unlike Internet Protocol (IP) video surveillance systems, CCTVs are "closed" and do not connect to the Internet. Therefore, you can rest assured knowing that no one else watching footage of your home.

#2) Install an Alarm System

We can't talk about ways to protect a home from burglary without mentioning an alarm system. Residential alarm systems typically consist of door and window contacts, a control panel, an audible siren, and at least one motion sensor.  If a burglar attempts to enter through a protected door or window, it will trip the contact; thus, triggering the alarm.

#3) Exterior Lighting

One of the most overlooked elements of home security is lighting. Burglars typically choose homes that are poorly lit, as this offers a source of concealment in which they can conduct their illegal activities. You can increase your home's security, however, by installing motion-sensing lights around the perimeter.

#4) Locks the Doors and Windows

Be sure to lock the doors and windows before leaving your home. Studies have shown that roughly one-third of all home break-ins occur through an unlocked door or window. Granted, this alone isn't going to prevent a burglar from entering your home, but it's one more step in safeguarding your property from intrusion.

#5) Monitor Your Mail

An overstuffed mailbox is a tall-tale of an unoccupied home. When a burglar sees mail spilling out the sides of your mailbox, he or she may assume that your family is away on vacation, using this opportunity to break in and burglarize your home. You can request a hold on your mail either by visiting your local USPS office, or by completing the online form at

5 Reasons to Install a CCTV #Security System In Your Home by Pavel Asanov

Many homeowners associate CCTV (closed circuit television) systems with a type of security used only in businesses. However, this type of security system can also be a valuable asset for your home. Here are 5 reasons for installing Burglar Security and CCTV system in your home:

Protection From Intruders

The number one reasons home owners should consider installing a CCTV system in that it offers protection to your family members from intruders. Homes without a security system are at a higher risk of being burglarized. The mere presence of an alarm system often prevents an intruder from breaking in. A CCTV system allows you to install cameras almost anywhere on the premises, including outdoors, so you will be able to see who is at the door, without getting close to it. This feature is especially beneficial for families with children of working parents, as it will allow the children and you (remotely) to see who is at the door.

Monitor Your Home From Anywhere

CCTV allows you to monitor your home from work, vacation, anywhere that you have internet access. This type of system also allows you to remotely arm or disarm the cameras. Some systems can also have additional features installed that allows you to remotely turn on the lights and/or access the heating or air conditioning to adjust the temperature in your home.

Save on Homeowners Insurance

The cost of homeowners insurance can be high, depending on where you live and the type of policy you have. Reduced insurance premiums are another benefit of CCTV for your home. The installation of a CCTV system is a one time investment, but you will continue to save on your homeowners insurance cost for as long as you carry insurance.

Nanny's, Pets and Home Care Nursing

One of the best reasons to install a CCTV system is that you can monitor everyone and everything in your home at all times. For example, if you have a babysitter or nanny watching your children or a home care nurse taking care of an elderly parent, you can monitor how well they are taking care of your family. If you have pets, a CCTV system allows you to make sure your pets are okay while you are away.

Secure Less Frequented Areas of the Home

A home security system will allow you to secure the less frequented areas of your home, such as the garage and the basement. This makes it more difficult for an intruder to gain entry into your home and go unnoticed.

The presence of a CCTV home security system provides families with a peace of mind knowing that their family, pets and home are protected from a range of devastating scenarios. If there is an intruder, you can alert the police from anywhere, which means a quicker response time and in many situations, the intruder may be caught before they leave with your valuables.